Review Sheet 10- The Axial Skeleton

Review Sheet 10- The Axial Skeleton - N AME LAB T IME/DATE...

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NAME LAB TIME/DATE The Axial Skeleton The Skull 1. First, match the bone names in column B with the descriptions in column A (the items in column B may be used more than once). Then. circle the bones in column B that are cranial bones. Column A b, Jiontal n:4tgomatir e: mandible Column B l. 2. J. g; nasal i; palatine j; parietal h; occipital k; sphenoid d; lacrimal J; maxilla a; ethmoid l; temporal k; sphenoid a;ethmoid e;mandible k; sphenoid d, e. o E' A 5. 6. 1. 8. 9. 10. ll. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. forehead bone cheekbone lower jaw bridge of nose posterior bones of the hard palate much of the lateral and superior cranium most posterior part of cranium single, irregular, bat-shaped bone forming part of the cranial floor tiny bones bearing tear ducts anterior part of hard palate superior and medial nasal conchae formed from its projections site of mastoid process site of sella turcica site of cribriform plate site of mental foramen site of styloid processes J. h. l. k. l. @ palatine @ @ @ vomer zygomatic l; temporal a; ethmoid b; Jrontal f; maxilla , and h; occipital 17. four bones containing paranasal sinuses 18. condyles here articulate with the atlas 19. foramen magnum contained here 20. small U-shaped bone in neck, where many tongue muscles attach 21. middle ear found here 22. nasal septum 23. bears an upward protrusion, the "cock's comb," or crista galli h; occipital c; hyoid l; temporal m; vomer (a; ethmoid) a; ethmoid a.@ b@ hyoid
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2. Using choices from the numbered key to the right, identify all bones and bone markings provided with leader lines in the two diasrams below.
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Review Sheet 10- The Axial Skeleton - N AME LAB T IME/DATE...

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