Review Sheet 11- The Appendicular Skeleton

Review Sheet 11- The Appendicular Skeleton - NAME...

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NAME LAB TIME/DATE The Appendicular Bones of the Pectoral Girdle and Upper Extremity 1. Match the bone names or markings in column B with the descriptions in column A. Colurnn A Column B s; deltoid tuberosiry 1. raised area on lateral surface of humerus to which deltoid muscle a. acromion attaches 2. arm bone p; scapula t; ulna b. capitulum i: humerus d; clavicle , o; radius Skeleton carpals clavicle coracoid process coronoid fossa g. deltoid tuberosity h. glenoid cavity i, humerus c. d. e. f. 5. 6. 3. bones ofthe shoulder sirdle 4. forearm bones scapular region to which the clavicle connects shoulder girdle bone that is unattached to the axial skeleton shoulder girdle bone that articulates with and transmits forces to the bony thorax depression in the scapula that articulates with the humerus process above the glenoid cavity that permits muscle attachment the "collarbone" distal condyle of the humerus that articulates with the ulna medial bone of forearm in anatomical position rounded knob on the humerus; adjoins the radius anterior depression, superior to the trochlea, which receives part of the ulna when the forearm is flexed forearm bone involved in formation of the elbow joint wrist bones finger bones heads of these bones form the knuckles a: acromlon D: scaDula d; clavicle 7. h; glenoid cavity e; coracoidprocess d; clavicle s; trochlea t; ulna b: caoitulum f: coronoid fossa t: ulna 8. 9. 10. ll. 12. 13. 14. 15. J. k. l. m. n. metacarpals olecranon fossa olecranon process phalanges radial tuberosity c; carpals m; phalanRes i; metacarpals p; scapula 16. t7. o. radius p. scapula q. sternum r. styloid process s. trochlea t. ulna
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) How is the arm held clear of the widest dimension of the thoracic caee? The clavicle acts as a strut to hold the glenoid cavity of the scapula (therefore the arm) Iaterally away from the narrowest dimension of the rib cage.
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Review Sheet 11- The Appendicular Skeleton - NAME...

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