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Review Sheet 29- Blood - 29 A Print Form REVIEW SHEET NAME...

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193 NAME ____________________________________ LAB TIME/DATE _______________________ EXERCISE REVIEW SHEET 29 A Composition of Blood 1. What is the blood volume of an average-size adult male? ____________ liters An average adult female? _____________ liters 2. What determines whether blood is bright red or a dull brick-red? _______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Use the key to identify the cell type(s) or blood elements that fit the following descriptive statements. Blood Key: a. red blood cell b. megakaryocyte c. eosinophil d. basophil e. monocyte f. neutrophil g. lymphocyte h. formed elements i. plasma 1. most numerous leukocyte , , and 2. granulocytes (3) 3. also called an erythrocyte; anucleate formed element , 4. actively phagocytic leukocytes , 5. agranulocytes 6. ancestral cell of platelets 7. (a) through (g) are all examples of these 8. number rises during parasite infections 9. releases histamine; promotes inflammation 10. many formed in lymphoid tissue 11. transports oxygen 12. primarily water, noncellular; the fluid matrix of blood 13. increases in number during prolonged infections , , , , and 14. the five types of white blood cells
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194 Review Sheet 29 A 4. List four classes of nutrients normally found in plasma. , , , and
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Review Sheet 29- Blood - 29 A Print Form REVIEW SHEET NAME...

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