CMN101 Exam1

CMN101 Exam1 - : Semantic (misunderstanding, bias,...

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CMN101 Exam Notes Section 1: Communication Defined Definition of Communication : A process in which individuals employ symbols to establish and interpret meaning in their environment . Process : Communication is ongoing and unending Symbol : an arbitrary label or representation of phenomena Concrete Symbol = belongs to a specific/concrete item Abstract Symbol = represents an idea/concept (i.e. democracy, love) Meaning : what people extract from a message (i.e. interpretation) Environment : the situation or context in which communication occurs (i.e. at home, at work etc.) 3 different Communication Models : 1) Linear 2) Interactional Model 3) Transactional LINEAR(1): Types of Noises
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Unformatted text preview: : Semantic (misunderstanding, bias, emotional baggage, trigger words) Physical/Environmental Psychological (upset, stress, happy) Physiological (Hungry, exhausted, bleeding etc.) TRACSACTIONAL (3): Field of Experience (filter) : How a persons culture, experiences, and heredity influence his or her ability to communicate with another. Critiques of LINEAR:-No feedback-No interpersonal element (mainly for mass media communication)-Not simultaneous-Very basic Critiques of INTERACTIONAL:-No environment-Not simultaneous TRANSACTIONAL-Prescriptive-Idealistic-How good communication should look like...
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CMN101 Exam1 - : Semantic (misunderstanding, bias,...

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