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CMN101 Exam1Section3

CMN101 Exam1Section3 - 2 Self-concepts provide an important...

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CMN101 Exam notes Section 3: Symbolic Interactionism It is an INTERPRETATIVE theory. Mead’s Claim: The most human and humanizing activity that people can engage in is talking to each other. Central Idea: Human realities are socially constructed through communication 3 Themes: 1) The importance of meanings for human behavior Individuals construct meaning through the communication process The goal of interaction is to create shared meaning (transactional model) 2) The importance of self-concept 3) The relationship between individual and society 3 Assumptions on Theme 1: 1) The meanings we assign to symbols are a product of social interaction and represent our agreement to apply certain meanings to specific symbols 2) Meaning is created in interaction between people 3) Meaning is modified through an interpretive process 2 Assumptions on Theme 2: 1) Individuals develop self-concepts through interaction
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Self-concepts provide an important motive for behavior Self-fulfilling prophecy: a prediction about yourself causing you to behave in such a way that it comes true. 2 Assumptions on Theme 3: 1) People and groups are influenced by cultural and social processes (social norms) 2) Social structure is worked out through social interaction Objections to theory content: 1. Too much emphasis is placed on the power of the actor to create reality . 2. The theory doesn’t consider that humans are unique individuals. 3. Religious folks argue that the theory deemphasizes the presence of a soul. 4. Overstatement Strengths: 1. Great heuristic value 2. Logical 3. Insightful Weaknesses 1. Too broad to be useful 2. Terminology is too vague 3. Difficult to falsify (can’t be tested)...
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CMN101 Exam1Section3 - 2 Self-concepts provide an important...

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