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CMN 136—Answers to Lectures Qualities of the Self Self-consciousness Autobiography Agency Your Primary Aim Be, do, have Obstacles to Creating a Personal Vision 1. “I can’t have what I want.” 2. “I want what someone else wants.” 3. “It doesn’t matter what I want.” 4. “I already know what I want.” (A personal vision is not a done deal, already existing and waiting for you to unearth and decode it. It is something you create, and continue to re- create, throughout your life.) 5. “I am afraid of what I want.” 6. “I don’t know what I want.” 7. “I know what I want but I can’t have it at work.” Career Planning 1. What kinds of tasks would you want to do? 2. What size organization would you want to work for? 3. What type of people would you enjoy working with? 4. How dynamic an environment would best suit you? 5. What does the organization need to offer you regarding: wages, benefits, hours/shifts, work location, and transportation 6. What reputation would it have? 7. What contribution would it make? 8. What sorts of products or services could it produce? 9. What values would it embody? 10. What missio n would it have? 11. Who would be its clients and customers ? 12. What would its physical environment look like? 13. How would people work together? Competencies : Relatively enduring characteristic of individuals that are considered useful to the workplace and resist becoming obsolete over time. Self-Analysis Rationale : Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Behavioral examples/Success stories: Very specific stories from your real life (work or non-work) that serve as evidence of workplace competency. Core Workplace Competencies 1
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Motivation to Influence Problem solving Listening Assertiveness Willingness to Confront Opposition Stamina Pace of Work Self-confidence Sociability Service motivation Approach to decision making Responsibility Approach to rules Structured/organized vs. flexible Emotional Intelligence The ability to manage ourselves and our emotions effectively. Self-Awareness The ability to read and understand your emotions as well as recognize their impact on work performance, relationships, and the like. A realistic evaluation
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Answers_exam1lecture - CMN 136Answers to Lectures Qualities...

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