Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Chapter 5- Conceptualization,...

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Chapter 5- Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Measurement Introduction - Researchers can measure anything that exists Measuring Anything That Exists - Measurement=careful, deliberate observations of the real world for the purpose of describing objects and events in terms of the attributes composing a variable - Most variables we want to study do NOT actually exist in the way that rocks exist - Most variables are made up! (ambiguous, assigned specific meanings) Conceptions, Concepts, and Reality - Conception= mental images (process of coming to agreement about what terms mean) - Concept=result of coming to agreement about what terms mean Conceptions as Constructs - 3 classes of things that scientists measure: Direct Observables, Indirect Observables and Constructs - Direct Observables=things we can observe rather simply and directly - Indirect Observables=relatively more subtle, complex or indirect observations - Constructs=theoretical creations that are based on observations, but cannot be observed directly or indirectly - Concepts=family of conceptions, constructs derived by mutual agreement from mental images, has no real or objective meaning - Reification=regarding constructs as real - Constructs have a definite relationship to things that are real and observable - Conceptualization=bridge from direct and indirect observables to useful constructs (observables constructs) Conceptualization -Conceptualization=specify what we mean when we use particular terms in research Indicators and Dimensions - Indicators=a sign of the presence or absence of the concept we are studying - Dimensions=a specifiable aspect of a concept - Research shows there is NO single answer to the question. The Interchangeability of Indicators
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Chapter 5 - Chapter 5- Conceptualization,...

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