hw2 - ECS 30 Program#1 ECS 30-B...

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ECS 30-B Homework #2 Winter 2011 READ THE ENTIRE THING BELOW BEFORE POSTING QUESTIONS OR EMAILING ME OR TA's OR STARTING TO PROGRAM!! STUDENTS ASKING QUESTIONS BY EMAIL OR CHAT, WHOSE ANSWERS ARE BELOW , WILL HAVE TO SING THE FIRST VERSE OF "NEVER GOING TO LET YOU GO" by RICK ASTLEY in CLASS. Due: Friday, January 21st Programs: 11:59pm using handin to cs30a, hw2 directory. The programs must have the file names ( something .c) as specified with each problem below. Please, make a trip over to the kemper hall TA office hours, pair up with somebody, and start working on the homework. Bring your own laptops to be sure you'll have a place to work. As explained in class, you'll have probably a more efficient path to success. Collaborate vigorously with your partner, take turns "driving" the keyboard, and you'll learn a lot from your partner (or their questions), have fun, and make friends! Keep changing partners for every homework, or even every problem below as you like. All programs should be able to compile with no warnings, e.g. gcc –Wall freezer.c –o freezer.out. You should put your name in a comment on the first line of each file. The prompts and output format of each
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hw2 - ECS 30 Program#1 ECS 30-B...

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