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ECS 30 A Homework #5 Winter 2011 Due: Feb 10, 11:59pm using handin to cs30a hw5 directory. Filenames: see below. Oracles available shortly. All programs should be able to compile with no warnings when compiled with the –Wall option. You should put your name(s) in a comment on the first line of each file. The prompts, and output format of each program must match the oracle exactly. NOTE: Unfortunately, there appears to be some differences between 5th and 6th Ed. of the book. I'm using the 6th ed. If you have the 5th Ed (or no text book) I believe you can get a good look at the book at the Library, where it should be on reserve. #5, page 287 Filename:
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Unformatted text preview: digits.c. Make sure it works like the oracle for pos & neg integers. #6 page 287, Filename: temperature.c. Inputs are floats. #7 page 338, Filename square_root.c Input is float. #4 page 286, Filename efficiency.c Sample input file carpool.txt will be in the oracle directory. You'll need to copy it into your directory for testing. Same rule applies---compare your output with the oracle output. Remember that the oracle will read input file and write output file into the directory where you execute the oracle. #3, page 285. Filename: gcd.c. ECS 30 Homework #2 fle:///Users/devanbu/teaching/30/wq11/hw5.html 1 oF 1 2/3/11 4:06 PM...
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