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1 Yuk Gee Poon Professor Sally McKee HIS121B 1 st June, 2011 Plans within Plans: Fighting Against the Tribunal’s Trickery In Trial of Joan of Arc, Hobbins included translated trial transcript which displayed Joan of Arc’s intelligence when encountering insidious questions from her interrogators. Ever since she was taken captive near Compiegne by the French-Burgundian allies of the English, Joan was placed on trial for heresy before a church court led by her political opponents in Rouen. Their strategy was to compel Joan to condemn herself on the charges of heresy and witchcraft. To protect herself from these traps, Joan avoided giving answers to questions that might implicate her as a heretic. The interrogators requested Joan in her Preparatory Trial to reveal “what kind of revelations the king had.” 1 Joan replied that the judges “would not learn them from her this year.” 2 On the surface, this question appeared to be an innocent investigation of Joan’s authenticity. However, the underlying motive was to acquire information that could be twisted into a politically useful device. If Joan actually revealed the revelation in the trial, and Charles VII was later requested to tell his version (which ran high risk of not matching with Joan’s), it would be a serious blow to Charles VII if both versions contradict. The contradiction itself would make it legitimate for the judge to conclude that either of them or both of them was fabricating a revelation. This would provide a good excuse for the English or French-Burgundian to overthrow Charles VII in the name of
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joan_essay1 - 1 Yuk Gee Poon Professor Sally McKee HIS121B...

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