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Poon 1 Yuk Gee Poon Professor Sally McKee HIS121B 16 May 2011 Essay #2- The Devil’s Advocate UCLA English Professor Eric Jager has written a riveting account of the legendary quarrel between Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris in his book The Last Duel , in which the narration has been masterfully blended with necessary background and creative speculations: the origin of judicial duels, the realities of 14 th century marriages, regional politics in medieval France, and the psychology of the parties involved. And after deducing from a collection of facts and medieval chronicles, the professor favors the view that Lady Marguerite was accurate in her reporting of the alleged crime and that the crime did occur. However, no matter how well-written the historical account is, every case built by historians are bound to have some weaknesses. Contrary to what Jager deduces, the probability of Lady Marguerite wrongly accusing Le Gris and Louvel is very high. Jager thinks that a case for misidentification is very unlikely based on Marguerite’s sworn testimony in court. The lady claimed that “she saw both men in clear light of day” (Jagor 204), that “Louvel specifically mentioned Le Gris by name to her before the latter appeared a few minutes later” (Jagor 204) and that “she spoke with both at some length before they attacked her” (Jagor 204). Yet, this testimony also leads to three alternative interpretations which can prove otherwise. First, it is highly doubtful that Marguerite could even recognize Le Gris’s face after only seeing him once at the social gathering at Jean Crespin’s home two years 1
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Poon 2 ago (Jagor 107). Second, the alleged rapist might resemble Le Gris and bear the same
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lastduel_final - Poon 1 Yuk Gee Poon Professor Sally McKee...

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