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CMN140 Exam 1

CMN140 Exam 1 - Study Guide for CMN140 Exam 1 Runaway World...

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Study Guide for CMN140 Exam 1 Runaway World Introduction 1. Scope of the historical transition The historical transition isn’t confined to any one area of the globe, but stretch almost everywhere. 2. The precept of the Enlightenment philosophy: The more we are able rationally to understand the world, and ourselves, they thought, the more we can shape history for our own purposes. We have to free ourselves from the habits and prejudices of the past in order to control the future. 3. Marx held the view that “We have to UNDERSTAND history, in order to CREATE history.” 4. Orwell anticipated a society with too much stability and predictability-in which we become tiny cogs(gears) in a vast social and economic machine. 5. Giddens write that the world seems to be out of our control-a runaway world. 6. Science and tech are involved to counter global climate change(global warming) and its accompanying risks. 7. Science and technology have been globalized: It has been calculated that there are more scientists working in the world today than have been involved in the whole history of science previously. 8. Risk is double-edged. Risk is closely connected to innovation. It isn’t always to be minimized; the active embrace of financial and entrepreneurial risk is the very driving force of the globalizing economy. Financial and entrepreneurial risk are the 2 aspects of risks 9. Globalization is led from the West, bears the strong imprint of American political and economic power. But globalization is not just the dominance of the West over the rest; it affects the United States as it does other countries. 10. Women are taking claim to greater autonomy than in the past and are entering the labor force in large numbers. Contributes to the stresses and strains affecting traditional ways of life and cultures in most regions of the world. The traditional family is under threat, is changing, and will change much further. 11. Fundamentalism originates from a world of crumbling traditions . 12. “Pitting fundamentalism against cosmopolitan tolerance” is the battleground of the 21 st century. 13. Tolerance of cultural diversity and democracy and closely connected. Globalization lies behind the expansion of democracy It also exposes the limits of the structures of parliamentary democracy 14. We shall never be able to become the masters of our own history, but we can and must find ways of bringing our runaway world to heel. More control/regulation
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Transition to ways of increasingly control our runaway world You can't control the past but u can get a grip on your future / destiny Globalisation 15. Author’s friend went to study village life in central Africa in a remote area where she had to carry out her fieldwork. She was surprised to be seeing Basic Instinct on video in the local home she got invited to. The film at that point hadn’t even reached the cinemas in London. 16.
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CMN140 Exam 1 - Study Guide for CMN140 Exam 1 Runaway World...

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