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CMN140 Exam 3 - CMN140 Exam 3 Study Notes Fallows The Age...

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CMN140 Exam 3 Study Notes Fallows, “The Age of Murdoch” Main points: - Murdoch is a businessman - Operates the Fox news - Give the public what they want - Purely commercial broadcast - More openly partisan media to address to particular niche Murdoch= testify in Summer 2003 1. The holdings of News Corp - Fox broadcast networks and Fox News, Fox Sports, FX, and other Fox- cable channels - 20 th Century Fox studio - 35 local US TV stations - The NY Post, The Times and The Sun of London - Conservative magazine The Weekly Standard - Publishing house HarperCollins - Sky satellite system in England - Star satellite system in Asia - Los Angeles Dodgers 2. How does Murdoch explain the conservative nature of talk radio? - Conservative talk is more popular. - Liberal talk is boring, not popular 3. 2 opposing conceptions of the press described by Fallows a) The Press is basically DIFFERENT from other businesses - The unique protection it enjoys under the First Amendment gives it unique responsibilities to serve the public interest b) The press is basically the SAME as other businesses [The winning side- Murdoch’s side] 4. Changes in TV News started in late 1970s - Roone Arledge of ABC= made news profitable - Ted Turner of CNN= made the news cycle continuous - Larry King and Geraldo Rivera= merged news and entertainment 5. Murdoch and Strategic control - He has combined several crucial ingredients - An instinct for mass taste, an appreciation of technology, a concept of strategic business structure, and a knack for exploiting political power, in a new and uniquely effective way Strategic control: - Extend control of the supply and distribution channels on which his existing businesses rely
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- Murdoch’s companies now constitute a production system unmatched in its integration - They supply content (movies, books, magazines) - They sell content to the public and to advertisers-in newspapers, broadcast network, on the cable channels. - They operate the physical distribution system through which the content reaches the customers (Satellite TV) 6. Murdoch’s politics - More right- than left-wing - Refer to himself as a “moderate libertarian” - His involvement with the Republican party is limited - Friends with Bill Clinton - Murdoch seems to be most interested in the political connections that will help his business (HarperCollins offer Newt Gingrich a two-book deal after Gingrich gained power, not to help him on the way up.) - Tabloid Sun in London plumped hard for Blair and “new Labour” to unseat John Major and the conservatives - British press=pro-Blair; American outlets=anti-Clinton - The Blaire government has proposed relaxing TV-ownership rules in
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CMN140 Exam 3 - CMN140 Exam 3 Study Notes Fallows The Age...

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