CMN140 Exam 4

CMN140 Exam 4 - CMN140 Wright 2002- A Real War on Terrorism...

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CMN140 Wright 2002- “A Real War on Terrorism” 1 st part---The Bush Team Fails to Get the Big Picture 1. What does he think about the importance of information technology ? - Very important - Standing at genuine threshold in history+ some past thresholds - The future of information technology - History of the nationstate - Our world is unstable/precarious 2. What does he argue about the changes of today ? - Disastrous phases (disease, war, social decline and collapse) happen - Because of momentous technological and social changes - We are failing to reckon with it 2 nd part---The Threat of Terrorism Naturally Grows 1. What are the two forces that make Islam such a formidable threat? a) Growing accessibility of massively lethal munitions - Nuclear weapons and biological weapons - Every year they grow in number, along with people who know how to use them - unregulated b) Information tech/Internet - Good for planning and executing phases - Ever-cheaper - Ever-more-powerful 2. Note the point on recruitment ? - Osama Bin Laden’s recruiting video - Deftly edited, with special effects - Technology cheaper and easier (internet) 3. How does the press fuel biases ? - A free press often furls antagonisms - People choose channels that bolster their biases 4. What was the role of the internet in globalization demonstrations ? - Internet - Makes demonstrations cheaply publicized and organized 5. Note the point on Al Qaeda and the mobilization of terrorists . - Al Jazeera helps Bin Laden (Al Qaeda) mobilize his constituency - Media has an effect - Today’s angry adolescents are tomorrow’s terrorists - One angry man can kill tons of people - Should keep adolescents from getting hateful today 3 rd part--- Why the World’s Opinion of Us Matters 1. What is the point on non-state actors ? - Growing significance 2. What is the claim about Bush, information technology, and anti- Americanism ?
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- Bush only acknowledges one of the 2 technological driven trends - Know growing munitions tech - Ignore advancing Infotech - Anti-Americanism is more likely to become clusters of well-organized terrorists - Increase amount and intensity of anti-Americanism in the Muslim world - Accidentally killing civilians 3. What’s changed re: non-combatant casualties ? - In WW2, you should take life= enemy civilians have no bearing on America’s national security - Now, enemy casualties increase the chances of American civilians dying in the future 4. Who has to pay attention to public sentiment in this era? -
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CMN140 Exam 4 - CMN140 Wright 2002- A Real War on Terrorism...

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