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course announcement S98 - GOALS: The course will provide a...

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MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING SYLLABUS  for EMA 6165 - POLYMER PHYSICS ( 3 - Credits) TEXTBOOK REQUIRED: Polymer Physics,  412 62640 . A detailed bibliography will be provided for all pertinent references addressed in the  lectures.  Students will be responsible for additional reading outside the required  text as assigned in class PROFESSOR:  A. B. Brennan, Associate Professor, 317D MAE, Tel: (352) 392-6281, FAX: (352)  392-3771, E-mail: PREREQUISITES: Polymer Science/Engineering (EMA 3066, equivalent or instructors permission) Physical Chemistry/Thermodynamics or equivalent recommended.
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Unformatted text preview: GOALS: The course will provide a fundamental understanding of the structure/property relationships of amorphous and semi-crystalline polymers. The behavior of polymers in solution and solid state will be compared and contrasted to provide a molecular understanding of bulk properties. An understanding of thermodynamics is required. EVALUATION: Homework 50 pts Exam I & II 200 pts Exam III 100 pts Research Proposal 100 pts TOPICS TO BE COVERED: Phase Behavior Polymer - Solvent Interaction Polymer - Polymer Interaction Chain Dimensions (Scaling Laws) Amorphous/Glassy State Crystalline State Rubber Elasticity...
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course announcement S98 - GOALS: The course will provide a...

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