outlineNLASSC - (b) Multi-input feedback (c) Observers (d)...

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Detailed Outline of Numerical Linear Algebra for Signals, Systems, and Control 1. Scope and Introduction (a) Scope of Course (b) Effects of Errors (c) Numerical Background (d) Basic Problems in Numerical Linear Algebra 2. Identification (a) SISO identification from the impulse response (b) State-space realizations (c) Balanced realizations (d) Pade’ algorithm (e) MIMO identification from the impulse response (f) I/O pairs (g) Recursive least squares (h) MIMO identification from the I/O data (i) Linear prediction 3. State Space Analysis (a) Orthogonal state-space transformations (b) Condensed forms (c) Controllability, Observability, and Minimality (d) Staircase form (e) Subspaces and minimal realizations (f) Poles and zeros 4. State Space Design (a) State feedback and pole placement
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Unformatted text preview: (b) Multi-input feedback (c) Observers (d) Lyapunov and Sylvester Equations (e) Algebraic Riccati Equations 5. Kalman Filtering (a) Kalman lter implementations (b) Error analysis (c) Experimental evaluation of the dierent implementations (d) Comparisons of dierent implementations and lters 6. Polynomial versus State-space Models (a) System models and transformation groups (b) Stabilized transformations (c) State-space realizations of polynomials (d) Fast versus slow algorithms (e) Conclusions 7. Model Reduction of Systems (a) Basic idea of model reduction (b) Modal model reduction (c) Balanced truncation model reduction (d) Rational interpolation model reduction (e) Projection-based model reduction for large-scale systems...
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outlineNLASSC - (b) Multi-input feedback (c) Observers (d)...

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