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sol4 - W c R R W R R W W R R R W z R R W W W xy xy xy xy xy...

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Unformatted text preview: W + c R + R W + + R R W W + + + R + R R * W * z R * * R W W * * W * * xy xy xy xy xy xy xy xy RR RR RR RR RR RR RR R }b uyƒ‡ y p ¦ d Yy ‡bahƒf p fby ª d Yy ¨ fbf g ¦cwyci9(w‡{€ˆœecU¦x{i¨¨„«Q¦v(k ª © ¨ § ¦ ‚ ¦ r ˜ f gh ‡f r ‚‡‡ p gh fha ¥ } £  b ˜ ƒ ¢ybh f b k¡ d yfb f gh ‡fhy p d p r yb ‰ p d ‰ p k u ˜ f g AmTA¤()ibcda|ˆ1i9veicyxr‡vVV1v¤‚xcdaœ†jeœišhpi(™mc¦i{v€¦rƒgˆwY cixrygvwY(jwasuxda(vœŸ }„vwYspvv¦veiqwƒijeh—¢fQvxgC„€y¦(w‡ˆœ€Acfwaž˜xo’Vijry$y¢fqeˆœxda€ebciUgivqv7leer‡ciqvi¨wY|›hUwfu ‰ u ‚ df gƒ‡ phy ‡  t f Y a d f t Y ƒ p g Ÿ } t a u ˜ — – • bfh u  t f‡ ‚ b ˜ ‡ a‡‡fƒ ab t f gh ˜a ‡bfh p ‰fb f gh p ˜ f Yyƒ Y phy rb ˜ p f ra‡ hy gh a‡ t a u f gh ˜a ‡ Y phybf p f gh ˜ ‰ u ‚ df gƒ f gh Y a uabh Y aƒ h g ph f py g f k hy g mtT¦Tcwaj™icdagYwC9c”ˆ9V‡ˆxfsaCˆ(„cawjeišh¤vca™vsYwpvgivei‡¤vi¨xAcivxU”vcw‰Qx™ˆCxVj„h f r ‚ ‡ y h‡ ‚ r f k ‡b ˜‡ Y ybh ˜ a bf t r Y r ‚ p p r f g hf ‰ ah bf db YX } t a u ˜ — – • y y dfh y u y pf f t Y yƒ ffb 9v‡x{eˆlVi¦fd—ˆcii1”mv‚f!v¤srvwY9vih|Ux¢i(geca“`|Acfwa™˜vo‰7¢”‡xT¦ijˆw‚j¤„“¤ih f gh ˜a f p u gƒy ‘ }‡‡ ƒ p ‡f ph  Yy ah dfbb ˜fb  p u t raƒ   Ž ‹ Š f gh ‡ p  hy g hƒ ‚ d ab tha d f gh ˜a rb ˆ’muxwf9ec‡¦xwyu¨wY‡i$wr¤f™ri$¦i¦dfUi¤—shgUwfv9c€ofi–Œ–9qvi1vrduwfflj„h‡Uˆggivcg{ˆ‰)icda˜ ffbh ps ˜ f gh r a ˜ uf p df r p ‡ k u ˜ hƒ ‚ d ab th a d d ‡ y tsb pbb y t } ƒ ‚  f f g k f yƒ f h h‡b  bf p‡ Y ¦i$sY†gY–yVvˆcidbwihjryg¦99wr1|jsawucad‡…ˆggivcgifexˆ†e¦sficˆ…„1oqTVb¦v((e‡xVˆg€ei„grde„ca ~ } Y ph r r ‚‡ b ˜ z yb kf ra w p df‡ ‚ƒ p d gƒy ab t t Y phƒ ‚ dfb d ‡y sbfh p‰ b b ahƒ p gh ˜a rb ˜ u uyby Acway99v|cda{Ticax9cVTsY¨¦‡„Uiw‡g€ecvvˆycwa…„g¦i™¦fc„uti—r‡c¦f(x…ifcqfviocnicdamwfsucicˆt y fhyfbƒ h‡ r f k Y phy p Y b gƒ Y ‡ b ˜ hƒ bh‡ Y aƒ • ” “ ’ u Y a ‰ p‡ ‚ ƒ ‚ d ab th a y h Y t p ah bf db a Y Tij¦iU¢eˆ‚¤Tl‘cwajishˆcaiveˆfe¨cda™…„‚i—ˆxUQ–•ˆ„7qy‘wvcqˆsYˆ†h…„ggvigdq€x¦f9rwfuv9srqi9gecP`X W VUT$1 R # %£ S ¡ E E E I ££ H F E D B @ 8 6 4 2 0  ¡ ' % # ¡  ¡   ¡© § ¥£ ¡ ¤QP¦CGCCA97)531)(&$"!¤¨¦¤¢ ¯ } Y phy p Y ab gƒ Y ‡ ˜a rb ˜ bf gh ocwajishˆciveˆfe1nxdaœvia  Y y b a yƒ u Y ‚¡ yƒ u f p ‚ Æfb h a Y ‡f a d g p g k ‡fh a Y f gh p df‡‡ ‚ƒ p d rb ˜ y f‡ ‚ h‡ ‚ r f k ‡ t a u • ” “ ’ u Y a fƒ vcxx9efwavvjˆefwa|isbˆxiœˆlifg¨erƒv(l¦cvQv¢sY†¦ˆr‡gÅicdaC{ˆœ—ˆ¤”xlˆcfwaA–•ˆ„7†sˆc{UˆwYp Ä }¦…„ggvigvcwyiecˆg¦gsa(viˆc¤xsaijryvUrƒ¦|vv¤¦cryvir‡$xsaij™9v|vxicdaUm¤¦9xdae¦„9xsaijrƒwpvstišhˆr hƒ ‚ d ab tha d u phb y t uyƒ u f gh ˜ a Y ph u ‚ uyƒ f gh  t dfƒ u tfb p Y phy r r ‚‡ f gh fb ˜f t df rb ˜bf t Y phy u p u ‚ wfcvwY{vilˆ9xsaigvU{v¢sh(|cjm)vshiccw‰”ex¨·«Vvi¤f”vcgQm¢ˆ™cxw‡vœiviUcx‡™¦h u ‰ p‡ f gh hy gh Y ph tfƒ f f gh g p k f pa ty r g pb a uy f‡ yƒ ƒ ‚  f gh  t f Y a d f t Yf gh Y yƒ p g Ÿ }bf ghf ‰ ah ‡ rbf ƒ ‰ p r r ‚‡ ah r u t ab t f gh fƒ ‚ dfb ah b a‡‡fƒ ab t gƒ yf Y a ‡hƒ ‚ d ab th a d u phb y t rb ˜bf t h‡ ‚ r f k Yf gh ƒ Á  ˜ œvwY99veqiÃwfvcivœvxˆg¦iQciUgivex¦xiUˆggˆvfcwyiecˆÂicdam1—ˆ¤lx9vi$“¬„†X ½ 7¼ À ‚ ¿ ¾ ¯ § ¯ § ¯ x…q¯ x½ …¸ °†j‘|¤‚ ¯ ¹™j‘|¯ ¸ »º §  ¯ § » fb ˜fbf g icdaUiˆh w‡vvxU¦df—„elic™ˆœ«cic99«i¶šhi(¤w‡†ˆs‚c™lˆ„†vi™xdaUm¶¦gˆc·ˆc¶c¦i¢m¤eˆ¤‘µ¦h p h Y ‚ aƒ b ˜‡ Y ybh u yh ah f g Ÿ } b a rf r ah Yfh pb k p f u yp u y Y  f gh fb ˜f t df d d y d Y y d yfb f t h‡ ‚ r ´ rbf bcwyci¤viˆxswuˆwY7Vu}c¦sfex¦”(ixei¦gv¤v1s˜„Vcda¨x¦i†Tˆcsh(†”isfwpv9sr”r‡vœ|’ci¢A¦c¦sf{vvY u yƒ‡ f gh ­ uy p ± uf p u gƒ yf hy ‡b a‡‡fƒ ab t f gh uy g b ˜ d yfb y d Y y f pb k y ‡ u t p p g Ÿ } d yfb ah uf p u h f f gh hy f phƒ y fb y hy gh ‡b a‡‡fƒ ab t f gh ˜ a uy b ˜ yhy d f pb k h‡ ‚ r ‡b a‡‡fƒ ab t f gh ˜ a u y g u Y a ­ uf p u  ‰ u ˆ{jxspi…c¤cQˆœeci¦Ugiv$v1cwuQcda†ijˆ¤shi(”eˆ(eci¦Ugiv$v1c‡š˜cˆsˆcmr‡xwfq€cwa³‚ ² h f Y f gh b a ± }‡ d yfb  ¯ fb y fbf gh uf p u h‡b  f gh Y ® } Ybfhhy t b ˜‡ Y ybh ‰ p k u ˜ f gh f py g f k u ybf Yf ‰ Y fv™vQxv9ˆc¦i°9i™ivixwfC—eˆ$v¬”¢Aiiej„{¦df—„e€vwY(jsawucda$vi¤x™ˆ9l’u­eˆc¬`X ú }Axsaijeihš€cfwaux1e¦ijryuqv¨cqf9wrœ—xwyqˆœcda¨ieˆœxˆg Y phybf p t a ù h‡fh f gh Y a ph h‡ u f gh b ˜ df‡ ‚ ‡ y sh€ewƒpv(€gsh(ñ„¨wY(hx¦9wfuQvho¢fgˆwY{fˆ™xsapijemc{fUˆc™vcyryfpœiexm¢txvwa¢exy¦œjˆgil¦9vx(†icda˜ p g g k p k p Yf r f f g ˜ a  d p gh Y h ybf t a ƒ Y y p d Y y p ‡h‡ a t a u gƒ f h y h ‡f r ‚‡‡ y hX } rb ‰vwY(jwausxdaCvgi(c„gœi¤d§pdv¦vg(|vdx¦iˆYVr–p‹xiv(kV¦išhi(pTxsaijebišh{jˆgieˆe«Yxsaijeišhp«xafsa”vcTeci«sh(k p k u ˜ f h ‡ y z ‹ fbf k ‡ yfb d y fbf g ‡f pb k Y phy f p hy h gƒ ‚‡ phybf t u bfh ‚ a gƒ yf g p df pƒ a ‡ y bf Y ‚ a y ‡ g hy h gƒ ab t t f g }‡‡ u p g t b ‰ fƒ f d Yf t d yhy d gh ˜a ‡ ‚ƒ p d f gh uyƒf ¦ihjryUg‡xChvvxUƒCxyˆCjˆgi«exyxivvy†ˆœŸ†icryUƒqwYÈvcyix™UˆY¦gˆ¦„¦fgTiv†fvx¬Ycwap‡ˆr‡g†vi1wui(ø I VUT$1 R # 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