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EML 3100 Exam 4 THERMODYNAMICS 4/28/10 3-5 pm Page 1/4 Solutions ([email protected]) series a DO NOT WRITE ON THE BLUE TABLES. RETURN THE BLUE TABLES WITH YOUR EXAM. DO NOT STAPLE THE EXAM SHEETS TOGETHER. Put your answers on the same sheet as the question, Use at least 5 digits in your computations and answers where possible. You must give the units of your answers. You must write clearly. Encircle the right answer number in multiple choice. To correct, erase the wrong circle as well as you can and encircle the corrected answer number twice. Best possible answer for multiple choice. For questions asking a number, putting the clear correct formula(s) below the question might result in partial credit even if the answer is wrong. Not following those requirements will result in reduced or no credit. 1. (3%) What would you normally best model as a control mass: (a) A bone (b) A heart (c) A vein 2. (3%) If you have saturated vapor in an insulated container and you decrease the pressure reversibly, (a) it turns into compressed liquid (b) it turns into two-phase (c) it turns into superheated vapor 3. (3%) Air is heating up at a rate of 2 C/min. Assuming that the air pressure remains constant, it is
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q(4) - EML 3100 Exam 4 Page 1/4 THERMODYNAMICS...

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