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Procedure for finding centroids for composite shapes (made up of several simple shapes) 1. Identify axes x-, and y- axes) 2. Break object up into simple shapes. 3. Calculate the area of each simple shape. 4. Determine whether each shape has a positive area (solid stuff) or a negative area (hole). 5. Get the position of the centroid (
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Unformatted text preview: y x ~ , ~ ) for each simple shape WITH RESPECT TO THE CHOSEN AXES. 6. Complete the equations, ∑ ∑ = A A x x ~ , ∑ ∑ = A A y y ~ Note: a table would be helpful Shape A (units) x ~ (units) A x ~ (units) y ~ (units) A y ~ (units) Shape I Shape II Shape III, etc. ∑ A ∑ A x ~ ∑ A y ~...
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