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Jon Ahlquist 9/8/2006 MET1010 Intro to the Atmosphere 1 Questions over 1 st day lecture ± What is the “number” and name of this course? ± What is the title of our book? Who is the author? ± What is your instructor’s name? ± When are the office hours? ± What is the TA’s name? When are his office hours? ± Who should come in for help during office hours? ± What is the purpose of a theory? ± What are characteristics of a good theory? ± Explain what it means to say: The exception proves the rule. ± What is Occam’s Razor? ± What are deduction and induction? Chapter 1 Review ± What are the most abundant gases in the Earth’s atmosphere? ± What is meant by the term “trace gases”? Why do we care about trace gases? ± Name the planets in order going out from the Sun. ± What is the biggest difference between the innermost 4 planets and the next 4 planets? ± What seems to be the origin of the Earth’s atmosphere? ± What has been happening to the amount of CO 2 over the last 50 years? What is happening to the amount of ozone in the stratosphere?
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 Review What is density? What is pressure? What are some common units for measuring pressure? How do pressure and density change with increasing height? Why? How does temperature change with increasing height? Why? What are the names of the 4 main layers of the atmosphere. What are the names for the boundaries between layers? What determines when one layer stops another begins? Chapter 1 Review What measurements does a weather balloon make? Where is the closest place to us that weather balloons are launched? What is the difference between weather and climate? Who coined the word meteorology? How was Galileo important for meteorology? What technical advances have helped meteorology? Which is usually bigger: a mid-latitude storm or a hurricane? A thunderstorm or a tornado? In the US, which of these kills the most people and which kills the least: hurricanes, floods, heat waves?...
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