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Jon Ahlquist 10/5/2006 MET1010 Intro to the Atmosphere 1 Chapter 4 Review: Moisture ± What do you call the direct transformation from ice to vapor? From vapor to ice? ± Explain why it would be very unusual if only evaporation were taking place without some condensation occurring at the same time and place. ± What is saturation? ± What is correct and what is incorrect about the statement: Warm air can hold more water vapor than cold air. ± What is vapor pressure? Saturation vapor pressure? ± What happens to the saturation vapor pressure as temperature increases? Boiling, Dew Point Temperature ± The saturation vapor pressure equals what other pressure when water boils? ± What happens to the boiling temperature as you go to higher altitudes? Why does this happen? ± What is the definition of relative humidity? ± What is the definition of dew point temperature? ± Can the dew point temperature be lower than the air temperature? Equal to the air temperature? Greater than the air temperature? ± How much does the dew point temperature usually
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