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Jon Ahlquist 10/4/2006 MET1010 Intro to the Atmosphere 1 Chapter 6 Review ± When is an equilibrium stable? Unstable? Neutrally (un)stable? ± What is a lapse rate? ± How is the lapse rate related to vertical stability? ± Suppose that a rising air parcel is saturated. How does that contribute to increased instability? ± What is the vertical stability of the atmosphere when there are stratus clouds? Cumulus congestus ± Is the air stable or unstable above a very hot desert? Above a very cold surface? Chapter 6 Review ± What happens to the temperature of an air parcel (“blob”) when it rises? When it sinks? ± How easy is it for an air parcel to rise or sink in a stable atmosphere? In an unstable atmosphere? ± What would make the atmosphere more stable vertically? More unstable? Chapter 6 Review ± What is conditional instability?
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Unformatted text preview: ± Why does condensation make air more unstable? ± How can you make the atmosphere more unstable? More stable? ± What visible evidence shows that atmospheric stability changes during the day in Florida during summer? ± On a typical summer day, is the Florida atmosphere stable or unstable at dawn? Is it stable or unstable in the afternoon? Chapter 6 Review ± Do lenticular clouds form in stable or unstable conditions? ± How is a cumulonimbus cloud with a cap cloud (“pileus”) a combination of unstable and stable air? Questions on the height of the base of convective clouds ± What determines the height of the base of a cloud? ± Why do convective clouds in the SE United States usually have much lower cloud bases than convective clouds in the western US?...
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