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Jon Ahlquist 10/18/2006 MET1010 Intro to the Atmosphere 1 Chapter 9 Review: Size of weather ± Is there one particular size for weather phenomena? ± How is the lifetime of a weather event related to its size? ± What is turbulence? ± What is the rough size of microscale features? How long do they last? Give example of microscale phenomena. ± Repeat for mesocale. ± Repeat for synoptic scale. ± What two factors associated with the Earth’s surface generate turbulence? ± What is wind shear? ± Where near jet streams is turbulence most likely to occur? ± What is a windbreak or shelterbelt? ± What 3 wind factors determine the size of water waves? ± At what height above the ground are “surface” winds measured? ± What is an anemometer? Wind vane? ± What device measures both speed and direction in one package? What does it look like? Wind Observations above the Surface ± How can you determine the position of a weather balloon (besides having a GPS
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