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ch13_rev - Jon Ahlquist Review Chapter 13 Forecasting Name...

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Jon Ahlquist 11/17/2006 MET1010 Intro to the Atmosphere 1 Review: Chapter 13 Forecasting ± Name 10 businesses that can benefit from accurate weather forecasts. ± Name all the ways of taking weather observations that we mentioned in class. ± In the US: Roughly how many surface weather observing sites are there? Roughly how many weather balloon sites? How many geosynchronous satellites does the US operate? ± Why does the United States care about weather observations in other countries? ± What is done to observations before they can be used as the starting point for a computer weather forecast? Methods of Forecasting ± What is a persistence forecast? ± What is a trend forecast? ± How far into the future does it make sense to use a persistence or trend forecast? ± How are forecasts 1 to 10 days into the future usually made? ± Distinguish between skill and accuracy for weather forecasting. ± At what time scale is a climatological forecast
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