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Jon Ahlquist 12/8/2006 MET1010 Intro to the Atmosphere 1 Review of chap 16: Climate Change ± How is climate different from weather? ± Describe how climate varies from small scales to planetary scales. ± Is the last century the first time that a major warming has occurred? ± How do we figure out what past climates were like? ± What is an ice age? ± What two land masses have most of the Earth’s ice? ± At the time of a ice age, would the sea level be lower or higher than it is now? By how much? ± How much would sea level rise if all the Earth’s ice were to melt? Climate Change ± What has happened to the globally averaged surface temperature over the last 100 years? ± List ways in which climate can change over time scales of ² Millions of years ² 10s to 100s of thousands of years ± How can dust from volcanoes or an asteroid impact affect climate? ± What would probably happen to climate if there were
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Unformatted text preview: a major nuclear war? Climate Change ± By how much does solar output vary with time? ± Why do climatologists look at sunspot counts? ± How much warmer is the global average surface temperature now compared to 100 years ago? ± When CO 2 is added to the atmosphere, what fraction stays in the atmosphere, and where does most of the rest go? ± How do scientists estimate what the future climate will be like? ± Is the temperature expected to change over the next 100 years? Climate Change ± What is a positive feedback? Give an example. ± What is a negative feedback be? Give an example. ± What evidence relates global warming and hurricanes? ± Where is the Sahel? What has happened to its climate since the late 1960s? ± What is the climate situation like in Australia as of December 2006?...
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