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To: Dr. Ahlquist’s MET1010 class, fall 2006 From: Jon Ahlquist Re: Exam 4 and grades Date: 25 October 2006 Congratulations to the 4 students who scored 29 out of 30 on exam 4! Several students have asked whether I "curve" grades. Following exam 3, I answered this question in an email to the entire class. Further, I posted my reply at the course Web site under the title "Adjusting the grading scale." If you did not read that email message or if you want to reread it, please refer to the copy posted at the course Web site, http://ahlquist.met.fsu.edu/courses/met1010/index.html I also need to remind people that the test averages that you see posted at campus.fsu.edu are averages over every student enrolled in the course, including those who did not take the exams. For example, 18 students did not take exam 4 on Wednesday, so their scores are 0 for the moment, which lowers the class average significantly. A few of those students contacted me before the exam and were sick or had some other conflict that I feel
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