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Exam_5_and_grades - To Dr Ahlquist’s MET1010 class fall...

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Unformatted text preview: To: Dr. Ahlquist’s MET1010 class, fall 2006 From: Jon Ahlquist Re: Exam 5 and grades Date: 13 November 2006 To figure your grade at this point in the course, add together the best 4 out of 5 exams and then convert that to a percentage. Because 4 exams contain 120 points, here is the formula: Percentage = 100% x (sum of best 4 out of 5 exams)/120 = (Sum of best 4 out of 5 exams)/1.20 Refer to grading scale below. Note that I will always determine your grade based on a sum of exam scores. I do not assign grades to individual exams. Percent Grade 84-85.999 A- 86-100 A (No A+ at FSU) 74-75.999 B- 76-81.999 B 82-83.999 B+ 64-65.999 C- 66-71.999 C 72-73.999 C+ 54-55.999 D- 56-61.999 D 62-63.999 D+ 0-53.999 F This grading scale currently puts 19% of the class in the A and A– range, which is even higher than the 15% of the class that the syllabus promises, but I did it to get the B–/C+ line near the middle of the class. With so many students in the class, there are no gaps in the distribution of scores, so there will...
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