intro - Jon Ahlquist 9/7/2006 MET1010 Intro to the...

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Unformatted text preview: Jon Ahlquist 9/7/2006 MET1010 Intro to the Atmosphere 1 MET1010 Intro to the Atmosphere Schedule for first day: Everyone must sign in first day. Athletes must sign in at beginning of every class. Examine course syllabus and semester calendar Office hours Discuss how to study and scientific method Overview of textbook Dr. Jon Ahlquist <> Office: 421 Love Bldg, 644-1558; Lab: 308 Love, 644-7511 TA: Mr. Will Sexton <> Office: 501B Love Bldg Syllabus & Calendar Distribute syllabus and calendar These will also be posted at class Web site: Important: Get an email account by going to; click on Get started Ill be sending you lots of email with answers to student questions and other information. Your email account will be needed to access your MET1010 test scores at Office Hours Dr. Ahlquist MWF 12:30-1:10, Tues & Thurs 11:00-12:15 By appointment (ask after class or send email) Check office (421 Love) or lab (308 Love). If more than a few attend, check conference room (402 Love) and 5 th floor classroom in Love Bldg. Teaching assistant: Mr. Will Sexton, 501B Love You should make frequent use of office hours. Typically, students in the top quarter of the class visit the most, but everybody is welcome and should come in for office hours. Visiting a professor may seem intimidating Professors may not seem very sensitive Dont be shy about office hours. Professors want to help. Dr. Jon Ahlquist At FSU since 1981 PhD: meteorology MS: planetary science BA: physics & math Hobbies: violin, viola, singing, computers, puzzles, running Family: wife and two daughters Jon Ahlquist 9/7/2006 MET1010 Intro to the Atmosphere 2 Textbook & other references Our textbook is the most common met book in the country. Publishers Web site: Other good references (about $20 each) The Weather Book by Jack Williams The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Weather by David Ludlum Internet searches are good, but any idiot can post a Web page, so beware. Government sources are more reliable. Example: At , enter: tornado site:gov The extra site:gov will restrict the search to Web sites whose addresses end in gov, which are government Web sites....
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intro - Jon Ahlquist 9/7/2006 MET1010 Intro to the...

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