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test_instructions - Jon Ahlquist MET1010 Test Instructions...

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Jon Ahlquist 9/7/2006 MET1010 Intro to the Atmosphere 1 MET1010 Test Instructions ± There will be 5 exams during the term plus a final exam at the end of the course. ± The lowest of the 5 exam scores will be dropped. ± All the exams will be multiple choice and will be machine graded. The 5 regular exams will have 30 questions each. The final exam will have 60 questions. ± Bring several #2 pencils and a good eraser to each test. Questions ± No penalty for guessing, so don’t leave any answers blank. ± If a question has a “fill in the blank,” write answer on question sheet and look for the answer in the multiple choice list. ± Some questions ask, which statement is FALSE? Mark T by the ones you know are true, F by false, and “?” if you’re not sure. Pick best answer. ± No intentional trick questions. If question unclear, raise your hand, and I’ll come to you to clarify the question. Best wishes for test!
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