keytest3 - BCH 4053 April 4 2003(6 1 HOUR TEST 3 NAME_KEY...

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BCH 4053 April 4, 2003 HOUR TEST 3 NAME______ KEY __________ (6) 1. Give two experimental features that would distinguish between passive diffusion and facilitated diffusion in the transport of a substance across a cell membrane. 3 pts each two of three: rate versus concentration shows saturation behavior specificity as to substance being transported can be inhibited by specific inhibitors Page Points 1 _ 36 _ 2 _ 32 _ 3 _ 17 _ 4 _ 15 _ Total __ 100 _ (10) 2. Classify each of the following transport systems according to the terms in the list at the right by putting the appropriate letter or letters in the blank next to the transport system. More than one term may apply. 2 pts each blank __ e, f ___ glucose transporter of erythrocytes __ d, f ___ anion transporter of erythrocytes __ a, d ___ Na + /K + ATPase of plasma membrane __ a, (e) __ Ca 2+ ATPase of sarcoplasmic reticulum __ b, c ___ amino acid uptake driven by a Na + gradient a. primary active transport b. secondary active transport c. symport d. antiport e. uniport f. facilitated diffusion (8) 3. You have prepared DNA from two organisms isolated from the swamps of south Georgia, designated culture A and culture B . DNA from culture A contains 28% G, while DNA from culture B contains 23% G. Complete the following table for the expected composition of the other purine and pyrimidine bases.
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keytest3 - BCH 4053 April 4 2003(6 1 HOUR TEST 3 NAME_KEY...

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