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Chapter 7 - Sampling Distributions (3)

Chapter 7 - Sampling Distributions (3) - Daily sales at a...

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Unformatted text preview: Daily sales at a pizza restaurant vary from day to day. The sales figures fluctuate around a mean . ’ p. = $900 with a standard deviation 6 = $300. What are the center and spread of the sampling distribution? ' My“ ' p = $900 standarderror=-3-(-)2 =1 13 ; n=7 ( number of days per week) ". N :fih‘ :‘n; : ._Iiu-.._i ! E E1 owing how to find a standard ei'ror gives us a mechanism for understanding how much variability to ‘ expectin sample statiSticslfj'tr'st by chanc=l '- > The 'dard error of the sam Ie mean = f 1' \-"_"": > As the sample size n increases, the denomm or' increases, so the standard error decreases. . , u)" With'lar’ger samplesfihe sample mean is more likely to fall closer to the population mean. -,"_ 5 ':l c I -- .. . o For random sampling with a large sample size n, the sampling distribution of the sample mean is approximately a normal distribution. a This result applies no matter what the shape of the probability distribution from which the samples are taken. 0 The sampling distribution of the sample mean takes more of a bell shape as the random sample size n increases. a The more skewed the population distribution, the larger :1 must be before the shape of the sampling distribution is close to normal. 0 In practice, the sampling distribution is usually close to normal when the sample size n is at least about 30. o If the population distribution is approximately normal, then the sampling distribution is approximately normal for all sample sizes. 1 ".pilnicn ismblonii: W L, L1 h: 4 {E ‘ f\ > For large n, the sampling distribution 15 approximately normal even if the population Sundin: Disfiturimmfi distribution is not. F /‘I ‘P This enables us to make inferences about 7‘ ' population means regardless of the shape of the population distribution. i 0:0 For large n, the sampling distribution of E is approximately normal no matter what the shape i I x i of the underlying population distribution. gee FD— F ...
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