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Daily Quizes (7) - During the early 19305 the PWA spent...

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Unformatted text preview: During the early 19305, the PWA spent billions of dollars on public works projects, employing nearly W of the nation’s 11 million jobless. / O A. True .-m During the Depression, some of the worst offenders of combining the hard-sell with fear appeals were: A. Coca-Cola and Scot-Tissue B. Lifebuoy soap and Borden's milk © mwmm D. Listerine and Campbell’s Soup After cutting his teeth at]. Walter Thompson, George Gallup was hired by the Young & Rubicam agency to lead their copywriting department. This ultimately led to Y&R's emergence as an advertising power during the Depression. n: True ((0.66 éiqlloi‘: “WW W0 (“Cd 0 9i 9 an F0 . “MM-Ur ThomPsovx. V Radio quickly became part of the "fabric of American life." Spurred on by the number of people who listened to this media while working on the countless WPA projects, radio advertising revenue surpassed that of magazines at the inception of the New Deal in 1932.— A. True M3?) (9 m Which company is given credit by your textbook for creating the first television commercial in 1936 for the World's Fair in Detroit. . Bulova 2. Luckystrike the FWS\— W CDWWCKM WOlS FDV étflrgznmo BMW“ Wartime/S dull/Inf) Vi M‘H baseball gnu/vb. ...
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