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Homework 08 (1) - MA vi Answers Provide an appropriate...

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Unformatted text preview: / MA . vi- Answers Provide an appropriate response. 1) Many people think that a national lobby's successful fight against gun control legislation is reflecting the 1) C will of a minority of Americans. A random sample of 4,000 citizens yielded 2290 who are in favor of gun control legislation. Find the point estimate for estimating the prgpgm‘gn of all Americans who are in favor of gen cosmetlsgisletflt ' A) 04275 B) 4000 @05725 D) 2290 E) 03538 ‘90} nk 12$ ’Gwn‘te tiny 'M POV‘AOV‘O 1» PW p01 how- if, A.“ SMWYLQ pm pm to... m vhf-OW = A: 2230 :0-5325 50mph 9 90 P +000 Select the most appropriate answer. 2) In an effort to monitor the level of lead in the air after an explosion at a battery factory, the following lead 2) A readings were taken for 6 days following the explosion (in ug/m3). What is the point estimate for the population mean lead level in the air over the 6 days following the explosion? Wednesday .1.54 B) 0.50 C) 2.91 D) 0.73 E) 0.42 Pom)“ ed1m’te 3‘" ”wt VOYAC‘UO“ Mean is U.“ 5ampl£ Nee-n 5¢4o+I-Io+ 0—;1'14’ 0 ?5 4 0-4.; .4. Ho 50) 2. men“: i: Xflrfl _.__.._m._ “a W b : IiS‘r Provide an appropriate response. 3) In practice a is an estimated standard deviation of a sampling distribution. A) population standard deviation B) sample standard deviation C) none of these D) margin of error @standard error. Find the standard error 4) In a survey of 3200 T.V. viewers, 20% said they watch network news programs. Eind the standard error for the sample proportion. ' A) 00865 ‘ ”10.0071 C) 0.0649 D) 0.0142 E) 0.0721 ____,___....._._- V}: 5200 5.Q. : 190-?) I'D-:EL—oo-L) S9hpl£ proper )L'mn : (3‘: 207.: 0.2 m’fi:_f::___;_;‘;—_‘_—____'_‘.‘.. '. .. "_'—-_“_—-‘*--‘—.——-—r————.T— ...
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