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Name:______________________________________________ EE 313 – Homework Assignment 3 Total Points: 20 Fall 2008 Score:_______ Due Thursday, October 16 th 1. Find the average power, P, and the reactive power, Q for each element in the following circuit. (Ignore Vx). 2. A system consists of a single source with a voltage of 100 V rms connected to 3 loads, where load 1 absorbs 10kW at PF=0.2 lagging, load 2 absorbs 8 35º kVA, and load 3 has a current magnitude of 25 Arms at PF=0.4 lagging. a) What are the load impedances and the load currents? b) What is the total source current, I S ? c) What is the real power delivered by the source? d) What is the complex power absorbed by the 3 loads combined? e) What is the power factor of the three loads combined? f) To increase the power factor to 0.95 lagging, without changing the real power
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Unformatted text preview: delivered or the source voltage, what must the component value of the load be? 3 . A voltage source serves the following loads, which are all connected in parallel: Load 1 – 18kVA at PF=.8 lagging Load 2 – 10kVA at PF=.7 leading Load 3 – 12kW at PF = 1 Load 4 – 16kVA at PF=.6 lagging The magnitude of the source voltage is 208 volts rms. a) Find the phasor impedance of each load and the phasor current of each load. b) Find the magnitude of the source current. c) Find the power factor of the combined loads as seen by the source. d) Find the total complex power delivered by the source. e) Design a corrective load that will decrease the source current magnitude by 20%. Is such a load possible?...
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