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Print Your Name___________________________________________ University of Alabama, Huntsville Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering EE 313: Electrical Circuits II Final Examination Professor Jennifer English Spring Semester 2006 ________________________________________________________________________ This exam is closed book and closed notes. One 8.5” X 11” pieces of paper with handwritten notes on one side is permitted. Calculators are also permitted to perform mathematical operations and matrix operations, but no other programmable feature is to be used. The exam consists of 8 questions/problems. The point values for each question/problem are given. The problems are not necessarily equally difficult, so you are encouraged to read the entire examination before starting and begin with the problem you find the easiest. The examination is worth a total of 200 points. Partial credit will be given for each problem; however, work must be legible and logical to receive credit. Remember to give applicable units with each answer. Please place a box around your final answer for each problem. Please do all your work on this examination paper. If more room is required or you wish to do scratch work, please use the reverse side of a sheet. Remember, partial credit cannot be given if you do your work on a piece of paper you don’t hand in! Please place your name on the top of each examination page.
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oldfinalexam06 - Print Your Name_ University of Alabama,...

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