ps2 - - j2 + V X-3 -115 A 3. For the two circuits above,...

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EE 313 – Problem Set #2 1. Use superposition to find the current I L . Check your work using an equivalent circuit. 10 I L -j4 + - 10 0 V 3 25 A j12 2. Consider the following circuit, given in the frequency domain. Use a Thevenin equivalent circuit to solve for the voltage, V X . Check your work using Superposition + - 20 j5 8 8 10 0 V - j4
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Unformatted text preview: - j2 + V X-3 -115 A 3. For the two circuits above, solve for the average power delivered by the sources and absorbed by each impedance. 4. For the following circuit, determine the average power delivered to the load using a Thevenin equivalent circuit. i L 0.125F 4 H 12 cos t A 6 cos t V + | 0.5i L 2 10 0.1F LOAD...
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