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EE 313 - Quiz 3 Closed book and notes. Show all your work if you wish to receive any credit. Quiz Score: Consider the following circuit. The source that has a magnitude of 100 V rms andZl absorbs 10kW at a powerfactorof 0.3 lagging andZ2absorbs 4260' vs KVA. Find the load currents, Ir and Iz. What are the source current, 15 and the average power, Ps delivered by the source? Design a compensation load to correct the power factor of the combined loads to 0.8 lagging.
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Unformatted text preview: The average power and the source magnitude may not change. a. b. c. J-t r A r fumn s \\ q= I+y \\L o : 4c L-ua Vs Ts c,ob ( + t"at o) ta+Lu.) 3 rco ( ,g) tso t3u,ga" A LZcv=-Iso?l*) : A\ Arrr.r S &rnn s b+e,5+o-fu Annt-s ') lo Y ro-' = 333 3'3 I oo( ,3) r : 333, 33 LVr= 00s--l(,3) = 7e.54 D Ps=-l--9 neui; Lq o" frrrns aba,bt Fall2009 cna-: '(,t) 3b,84 Tc: Tsnntu - f= o[.[ = D,3s Fg o -tL...
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