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q4_sol_313 - c What are the per-phase impedance s 21 and 22...

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Name: EE 313 - Quiz 4 Fall2009 Quiz Score:_ Do all you work on the quiz paper given. Show all your work if you wish to receive any credit. A 3-phase, balanced, Y-connected source is connected in parallel to two 3-phase balanced, Y-connected loads. The line voltage magnitude is220 Vrms. The first load,Zl absorbs 3-phase, complex power of l2l40 kVA. The second load,22, absorbs a 3-phase average power of l5 kW at a power factor of 0.4 lagging. a. Draw the single-phase circuit. What are the line to neutral source (V"J and the line-to-line voltage (V"uX b. What is the line current, I"a?
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Unformatted text preview: c. What are the per-phase impedance s, 21 and 22? d. What is the total 3-phase average power delivered by the source( ,\ V6t': = Vc,-n= a{o /*O" {3 Aa, oa Lc" Vr rvr-s a aD L3d Vr'rns 7Y^ l,aq Lbto,4J:cL a l1VlO)-= ,fS V-ft lfr = 31,4q A-r'rns LZ1 1= @@ +D" 3\,+q L-4o" &r-ryrs \Eyrc3= ,t=5vLI'. (PF*) ra : qs,+ I Arm s \ LZYa = c-,os-'( ' +) = bb'4aCI IL-t -- 9I , + I I-- teb. Lla o A-.tr * faA ,: Ir + r, : la+.3g L-too. loo Ar-rns ^. fr= A Va-n 7>t= r 4,o3 Lt+. ." -ct-r4 Ll FB($s-. rl3VLIL t-ro/r (t c,tc) t'; '=- a4, & *-u)...
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