rev_prob - r<ev IeuJ r'ro blems CD 5-E'~Clnct l=Qr\A.~...

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Unformatted text preview: r<ev IeuJ r'ro blems CD 5+-E'~Clnct l=Qr (\A.~ st-cd:L AC CoOK.*-, i+\'\~5\S '-\-f'vL ~rreryt) est 313 f\ ?QuJer. +1f\cA o bo~ CLLQ lfOSl.. circU..cts) rY\d-hcds J ~ 0-5).. Ix .. tor pra-cJiu.-) _jS5L I \ oFo, bom \- \{\c1 Mc--c\. uc.::bs) '~()cl '+k.L C..DmplLX PrO-WC.r (0\ ~ fflr- eQLh fumeK-b OJ'CL +~ 0Lks. 'In reCLc.:h.iK- f>ou.Jer) cleA \ \J ex" cd pCuJe_r for fX)LU-Cr---~~\ -5()LLrLQ S, absorbe.c\ ImpeMl\LQs. [O\a.x\mu..m --p~ l\'ClnSgexci.t-siqn 1.L. .:5Ltch rYl ciue...y-~ pw..oc.!, 0 o ~ -+hcct- IS hr'C\ Fo" tru- .fo\\owinq--h\CL)C\ mu el:\s \ CL\D.50'bs CLiJ~~ pAD('. -.J100S)... ~lr~ A 3-pnCtSQ... h(~s +0 ~ bCLGUIL<LcL) V -= 3CO Vrm-s. I-t1\ . 'j - UJ(\(wch& -----\s =- Rev,euJ Pro!::l.ef'Y1S 6S 3/-2) I' --th', -5 ~on rd:..ld-.. ri-v- loo..cL CL) (tJosorbs 'flu..- 0-- 3~) UO,L~) .Q I bcLQ.a.n 6.i. -RU) a....t:... ().... PF cl (cfuL A . O. "5 'Ctj8(f1.j Fincl VM ,L-- 1\ 1 TL b) BnLi- 't1'\L ,!lL~ 'J;-fuL &if ren t) \m_p~c...L A .. ..laJ.+. - -jYoS).. \ ~L1 \ I . ~ .. _ c) '+jru.. 'y - (y) n +1 d l~ab..Qf\? WhC:Gt 15 Mh-Gj 0+ +tv.... load if) ? v..-r-ctb..-o A- 1.0- -j\SL I cL) -to O-d:j (\ 0..-. 6,- ,p~ u<2siq lJ.~-+ ~ tonh~L~ed rr~d:-ive- . Ru_tor t{) 0.+ '+AL lcud CD(0\ b I i\.d locuLs. GUld. +0 0, CJ I~ L(l...fI . ';iv..... ~ o Id-, "- LO ~VD ~ o~ ~ ) V/...) CtiJ.eIa.,r-- p'c:uJ&- fhacJ no:t VrmS r-1 5\0j'lc 'YhClsL sou-v-- CL p,~ Power L0/ Lco..d. cM..S! 5 'J pro\!\cU..s CL-t . 0 ICD V (IYJ$ o. '-I JarJ +0 +hree- IvC\LZs. ~ I ~ . 10 -Ie.uJ A 5..;1"" P Ff:=. Zd-: t::3 ~ CL ') Z L5C ~kvA I), -k-VAK 'i-I"-ZCL-t Q3:=' IS p~ = O.().. 5-tC~~I"fr' bj L\Jho..t QrQ.. \,l.)hcc..t LL)hcLt. 'IS 'ttuL '+-kQ.. lC{d 1m P2cW-n us'? C,.lulJl.Q...t0::..? bel SOA.-U<.Q , d) c.j 'i-Pu- wmf2lLx. WhcLt: \~ pot-U'er cuJiJ(Qd PowQ[t'Cte.t{), of ~I'-L ? lc&:t~ H~ SClLrLQ. -: tOffi?IM&? e.j (\!~m 'DQs1cln. C\..- e.-ol('e~t1~Q. bi1'k'ct..fCl.t<:.-r -(u..-Lwr 1006 -to pu.ue.r cln6 2OlLrLQ. vet l~ 'thCLt C. q 3 t'Y'Ct-j InCreCI5Q...S l c~~:1 ' IN...<t1u.- r~f CWf2 ()~'t clvLn?f" ...
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This note was uploaded on 07/22/2011 for the course EE 313 taught by Professor English during the Fall '09 term at University of Alabama - Huntsville.

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rev_prob - r<ev IeuJ r'ro blems CD 5-E'~Clnct l=Qr\A.~...

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