special senses, Vision

special senses, Vision - Vision Summary The general senses...

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V i s i o n Summary: The general senses are pain, temperature, touch, pressure, vibration, and proprioception. Receptors for these sensations are distributed throughout the body. The special senses are olfaction (smell), gustation (taste), vision (sight), equilibrium (balance), and hearing . Receptors for these senses are located in specialized areas called sense organs . A sensory receptor is a specialized cell that translates a stimulus into an action potential that can be conducted to the CNS. Transduction is the translation of a stimulus into an action potential. The accessory structures of the eye include the eyelids ( palpebrae ), which are separated by the palpebral fissure . The eyelashes line the margin of the eyelid. Along the inner margin of the eyelid are tarsal glands , which secrete a lipid-rich product. Glands at the lacrimal caruncle produce other secretions. An epithelium called the conjunctiva covers most of the exposed surface of the eye. The ocular ( bulbar ) conjunctiva covers the anterior surface of the eye, and the palpebral conjunctiva lines the inner surface of the eyelid. The cornea is transparent. The secretions of the lacrimal gland bathe the conjunctiva. These secretions are slightly alkaline, and contain lysozyme (an enzyme that attacks bacteria). Tears collect in the lacrimal lake . The tears reach the inferior meatus of the nose after they pass through the
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special senses, Vision - Vision Summary The general senses...

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