CIS 370 - Chapt 1 & 2

CIS 370 - Chapt 1 & 2 - ____ have been used to provide...

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Unformatted text preview: ____ have been used to provide service via the Web, such as helping residents find locations of different services on a city m ____ is the raw material in the production of information. ____ records sums owed to the organization and by whom. ____ systems mainly help in record-keeping, employee evaluation, and employee benefits. ____’s purpose is to pinpoint the people and organizations most likely to purchase what the organization sells and to promote A ____ is a business event: a sale, a purchase, the hiring of a new employee, and the like. A ____ is highly involved in the implementation of SCM systems, because they access corporate databases. A ____ is partly involved in the analysis of business needs and ISs, but the greater part of the job involves setting up busines A ____ is responsible for developing or acquiring database applications and must carefully consider how data will be used. A ____ is responsible for researching, planning, and recommending software and systems choices to meet an organization’s A ____ is responsible for the databases and data warehouses of an organization—a very sensitive and powerful position. A major challenge for ____ is the misperception of other executives that IT security is an inhibitor rather than an enabler to o A(n) ____ interfaces and interacts with other systems. Business intelligence applications access large pools of data, usually transactional records stored in large databases called _ In ____, information systems help organize budgets, manage cash flow, analyze investments, and make decisions that could In most organizations the chief security officer (CSO) reports to the ____. In today’s world, organizations must continuously ____ hardware, software, and the skills of their employees to stay competi Just as raw materials are processed in manufacturing to create useful end-products, so raw data is processed in information Many IT professionals start their careers as programmers, or programmer/analysts, and then are promoted to ____, positions Several trends have made the use of ____ very important in business; among them, the variety and ingenuity of computer pr Simply put, a ____ is an array of components that work together to achieve a common goal, or multiple goals, by accepting i Spam now makes up about ____ percent of all e-mail. Storage devices constitute one of the ____ basic components of the computer system within an IS. The main goals of ____ systems are to increase the quality of customer service, reduce the amount of labor involved in servin The term “____” refers to the sequence of activities involved in producing a product or service. Thinking of an organization in terms of its suborganizations or subsystems—called ____—is a powerful management approac You might find organizations where there are both a CIO and a ____ and one reports to the other....
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CIS 370 - Chapt 1 & 2 - ____ have been used to provide...

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