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terms.exam 1 - electronic media(television moblie phones...

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CS 101 Terms to Know Exam 1 adultlike child – children were dressed like adults and in certain societies like the amish, they were taught at an early age how to take on responsibilities like adults. age consciousness age grading Amish Ariès, Philippe – believed that childhood was invented. Believed that since there was no children in the artwork during the middle ages , childhood must not have existed. authors (Gittens, Calvert, Kincaid, Cross, Zelizer, Chudacoff, Meyrowitz) birthday celebrations, origins of book/print culture child insurance child, sentimental wortth/value childlike adult – children were dressed like adults and given responsibilities like adults childhood as social/historical construction “culture of age” – chudacoff says that there are many cultural rituals that link up with childhood (birthday party). discovery/invention of childhood – Aries say it was invented until
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Unformatted text preview: electronic media (television; moblie phones) Hall, G. Stanley – child studies pioneer innocence (sheltered, wondrous) – children were thought to be innocent and angel-like miniature adult - peer society priceless child print media Romantic idea of childhood – mid 1800s when writers began to infuse an idea of sentiment. secret of secrecy swaddling – children were television culture – childhood stars upright child -useless child – children who did not work and support their families were seen as useless. useful child – children who work and bring in money to help support the family were believed by their parents to very useful children. Parents took pride in their children. wrongfuil death cases, child – children were killed constantly while working in the factories....
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terms.exam 1 - electronic media(television moblie phones...

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