Latin Gender studies

Latin Gender studies - Latin Gender studies Mirabal sisters...

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Latin Gender studies Mirabal sisters as precursors o f liberation theologian Patria, Dede, Minerva, and Mate Mirabal Patria’s religious commitments Pedrito Gonazalez Rafael Trujillo – Basilica of Higuey The Virgin of Altagracia – one of the first Virgin Mary images to be worshipped. Is the patron saint of the Dominican Republic. Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution Christian Cultural Group becomes the Accion Clero Cultural Pope John XXIII Liberation Theology Second Vatican Council 1962-1965 Medellin Council of Bishop, 1968 – social institution to serve the poor Preferential Option for the Poor Christian Base Communities, forerunners in Patria Mirabal’s Christian Cultural Group Basilica of the Virgin of Altagracia – built in the 1960’s The three oldest girls go to a boarding school. After the death of the Mirabal sisters the churches decided to give women full human rights, and be able to read the bible (but not administer communion). Patria o Patria gets recognized by the nuns and the school as saint like in her family. o During the Easter lent Patria tries to be like Jesus and washes feet but ends up meeting a man Pedrito. She finds out that her future does not lie in a nunnery but to have this mans babies. o She then marries him before her 17 th birthday. o She has two babies for him but her third child is born dead and she kind of loses her faith. She was left asking what kind of God would do such a thing. o
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Latin Gender studies - Latin Gender studies Mirabal sisters...

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