Are Men Created Equal Outline RWS3

Are Men Created Equal Outline RWS3 - b. How do they draw...

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Anti Slavery David Walker, from Walker’s Appeal (1829) Calling on all African Americans to unite against the “wretchedness” of their people, a leading black abolitionist violently condemns white people’s hypocrisy in allowing slavery while pretending to revere the Declaration. (193) David Walker (1785-1830) from North Carolina, settled in Boston Free African-American Self- made, Leader in the African-American community, chief instigator of abolitionist activism Claim: Slavery is evil and African- Americans must act to remedy the “wretchedness” of their people. a. What rhetorical strategies and techniques do they employ? Tone--> menacing Ethos (Bible---> relating to God) -”. ..those heathen nations of antiquity, had but little more among them than the name and form of slavery; while wretchedness and endless miseries were reserved, apparently in a phial, to be poured out upon our fathers, ourselves and our children, by Christian Americans! -”God will not suffer us, always to be oppressed” (Walker 195.) “But when I reflect that God is just, and that millions of my wretched brethren would meet death with glory. (Walker 197)” Christians believe that God is their Lord and Savior and is always there to help, he puts them through certain experiences to make them stronger and in the end will be there to bring them to the light. Pathos (Emotional Appeal) -”I therefore ask the whole American people, had I not rather die, or be put to death, than to be a slave to any tyrant, who takes not only my own, but my wife and children’s lives by the inches?” (Walker 195). Walker states that he would rather face death than the
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Are Men Created Equal Outline RWS3 - b. How do they draw...

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