The Conquest of Humans

The Conquest of Humans - Tiara Collins March 9, 2010...

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Tiara Collins March 9, 2010 Professor Dill RWS 200 MWF 9AM The Conquest of Humans Imperialism is based on domination and subordination; it represents the strength of a country and is a Red Light to to other countries. The 1800's was the period in which everyone was scrambling for what was left, The New World, now known as the United States of America, Africa was also one of the untouched lands. The English and the French were some of the stronger empires at the time and were looking to expand their empires. The English were looking towards the New World, and the French had their eyes on Africa. These two empires saw all the territories they were taking over as inferior to them, and uncivilized. The English, British, motivation for imperialism was to protect their passage India and gain profits from economic opportunities. However the French looked to promote the idea of empire, amplify the French economy, recover from the 1870s Great Depression, and prevent British expansion into West Africa. (Jones, “The French in West Africa”) Each empire was motivated by different elements, however these elements directly affected the people they found inferior and how they treated them. “They doe desire that they may be stirred up to seek god. ( Rules for the Praying Indian Town of Concord, Massachusetts, 143).” This is a law in Reverend John Eliot's Rules for The Praying Indian Town of Concord . This laws requires for the Indians to seek god, and make him apart of their daily lives, and to become Christians. Through these laws he motivated the
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The Conquest of Humans - Tiara Collins March 9, 2010...

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