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What makes man man - Collins 1 Tiara Collins February 4,...

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Collins 1 Tiara Collins February 4, 2010 RWS200 Professor Dill What Makes Man Man? The concept that there is a set of inherent distinguishing characteristic, including ways of thinking, feeling, and acting, that all humans tend to have is human nature. There a specific qualifications that only humans possess and separate them from the other creatures that share this world. Wayne C. Booth effectively presents and supports this concept by discussing the question of “Is there Any Knowledge That A Man Must Have?” Booth develops his argument by refuting other theories of humans reduction to animals, machines, and simple accessories of society, and discussing human nature and presenting the knowledge necessary that a man must have. He also refutes the certain aspects of the educational system which are considered 'necessary' to learn, but qualifies that more than just common sense is necessary. Thus, the question, what knowledge is necessary for man to know other than that of survival. “There is some knowledge other than something specific that an individual human being must have other than means of survival.” Booth recognizes that all knowledge is not necessary, but no knowledge is acceptable. C. P. Snow and F. R. Leavis' debate between whether the knowledge of Shakespeare or the second law of thermodynamics is more important knowledge. Through Snow and Leavis' debate, Booth is able to define knowledge necessary to man as not something specific. “I know that a great many literary scholars survive and even
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What makes man man - Collins 1 Tiara Collins February 4,...

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