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Collins 1 Tiara Collins November 1, 2010 Sommers RWS100 Web-Of Life “Business and industry is the only institution large enough, wealthy enough, persuasive enough and powerful enough to lead humankind out of the mess we were making; not government, not religious institutions, not colleges and universities (Anderson 14).” In order to stop the major effects of global warming on our atmosphere, business and industry must change the way they operate since they are the main sources of increasing global warming. In Ray C. Anderson’s “ Confessions of A Radical Industrialist ,” he stress this claim throughout book and states that sustainability is driven by the future of business and industry. Anderson presents a very effective argument, which alerts any reader of the book that change must take place. Some say that businesses are having no effect on our biosphere or that the pollution of their production is not really effecting the environment. However, Anderson claims that business and industry have a detrimental effects on our environment. “Since 2000, CO 2 emissions have grown by more than 3 percent annually, due to industries relying on polluting coal for power production, and emissions is increasing by 2.6 percent since 2000, according to reports made by those countries for the United Nations Framework Convention Climate Change.” This claim is effective through Anderson's use of logos and Appeal to Authority. The logos in this claim is effective because it incorporates data, which is hard to manipulate. This almost forces the reader to accept the claim, because data is such strong evidence. The data he
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Collins 2 presents provides the evidence necessary to show the growing emissions being released into our atmosphere. The data is also from a reliable source, the United Nations Framework Convention Climate Change. “The United Nations Framework Convention Climate Change, UNFCCC, is an international environment treaty, whose objective is to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere data level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system (Wiki).” By implementing logos and appeal to authority, Anderson makes his claim very strong and competent. This effects the reader because they have legitimate evidence that refutes businesses' claim that their pollution is not affecting our biosphere. Also, since Anderson develops his claim with the assistance of such a reputable source, Anderson makes himself more trustworthy. This claim proves that the atmosphere is challenged by humans and business with our greenhouse gases and fossil fuels. Anderson further develops his argument by claiming that businesses are interfering with the Earth's equilibrium. He proves this claim by presenting that: “Carbon intensity is increasing Carbon sinks ares lowing Impacts are accelerating”(Anderson 221). Through organization, Anderson states the causes of businesses'
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Web of Life - Collins 1 Tiara Collins November 1, 2010...

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