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Plastic Waste - packaged or labeled with plastic Solution 2...

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Solution for Plastic So what is the solution to this plastic enslavement. Most people say that recycling is the answer. Recycling is good for metal, paper, glass, and other materials, however not for plastic. Plastic can be refined and made back into original products, but most companies do not do this because it is not cost effective. Thusly, recycling in America just means sending our trash to another country, or reusing it once to make products, headed for the landfills anyway. So what are innovative solutions to end this plastic chaos. Solution 1: Use reusable products. Such as reusable cloth grocery, stainless steel water bottles, coffee mugs, silverware from home in your lunch container, purse or backpack. (Junk Kraft) Or when you grocery shop try shop for individual products that are not made from,
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Unformatted text preview: packaged, or labeled with plastic. Solution 2: Support legislation in your community that will help with the over-consumption and use of plastic. Such as extra fees on single-use plastic products (Junk Kraft) Solution 3: Plastic2Fuel. There is system called Pyrolytic Gasification converts waste plastic to synthetic fuels such as diesel, heating oil, kerosene and more. It is the “zero Waste Solution For Plastic.” (plastic2fuel) Solution 4: Bio-plastics. Bio-plastics are formed from natural materials, such as corn starch, pea starch, or vegetable oil versus oil. Society is beginning to understand the effects of artificial compounds in our environment, bodies. Thus we must learn how to kill our plastic addiction and safe our lifestyles and atmosphere....
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