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Unformatted text preview: Genetics Genetics The study of genes and the The inheritance of traits inheritance This Powerpoint is hosted on www.worldofteaching.com Please visit for 100’s more free powerpoints Characteristics Characteristics These are features you These exhibit physically ( your looks) Example: Eye color Example Eye green green Traits Traits The different versions The of a characteristic of Example: blue, green, Example: and brown eyes and Inheritance Inheritance Occurs when traits are Occurs passed down from parent to child. parent Genes Genes Bits of information Bits passed down from parent to child. parent Made of chemicals Made called DNA. called Genetic Diseases Genetic Can be passed on through Can genes from a parent to the child. child. Example : Marfan Syndrome Example Marfan (Individual is tall, has long arms and legs) arms Remember - JOE Remember Reproduction Reproduction Sexual – Sperm fertilizes an egg to produce offspring produce Asexual – occurs when Asexual 1 organism copies itself to produce offspring to Fertilization Fertilization Occurs when a sperm Occurs unites with an egg unites Offspring Another name for the Another children of a male and children female parent female Mutation Mutation Occurs when genes Occurs make a mistake mixing and produce new or different traits in the offspring. offspring. Genotype Genotype A combination of combination alleles alleles Example: TT, Tt, or tt Example: *We flipped coins to determine the genotype of our critters and puppies. Alleles Alleles T – is considered a is dominant allele allele t – is considered a is recessive allele recessive TT – is dominant Tt or tT – is dominant tt - is recessive Punnett Square Punnett Uses mom and dad’s Uses genotypes to determine the possible traits of their offspring. their 4 offspring Phenotype Phenotype They are the traits They determined by reading the genotype. the Example : FF = black fur Black fur is the phenotype or trait phenotype ...
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