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Dissection Structures- BIO 100 - vena cava posterior...

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Terminology anterior dorsal posterior ventral External Anatomy anus nares nipples penis pinna sex umbilical cord urogenital opening Oral Cavity epiglottis esophagus glottis hard palate mouth pharynx soft palate teeth tongue Endocrine System gonads (ovaries, testes) pancreas thymus gland thyroid gland Circulatory System aorta aortic arch atrium, right and left common carotid arteries, right and left coronary arteries ductus arteriosus external iliac arteries and veins heart pulmonary artery renal arteries and veins subclavian arteries (the right is different than the left) umbilical artery vena cava, anterior
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Unformatted text preview: vena cava, posterior ventricles, right and left Respiratory System bronchus diaphragm larynx lungs nares pleural cavities trachea Digestive System anus bile duct cecum duodenum esophagus gallbladder large intestine liver pancreas small intestine stomach Excretory System kidney ureters urethra urinary bladder Reproductive System body of uterus female and male (be able to distinguish externally) horn of uterus ovary scrotum testis urogenital opening (both male and female) urogenital sinus vagina vas deferens Other spleen...
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